Beautiful and Unique
Hand made and decorated, they create a personal touch to any bathroom or kitchen.

High Quality
Durant Ceramics has a reputation for producing quality architectural ceramics for over a decade..

Versatile Sizes
Lavatory basins come in three sizes, with overflows, to fit almost any application and counter top dimension.

Durant Ceramics has produced quality architectural ceramics for over a decade. Our basins are made from high-fired stoneware, a material noted for its beauty and durability.

Versatile in color and design Basins have decorated patterns and solid colors plus black and white variations on the decorated patterns.

Tested by the Pittsburg Testing Laboratory and meet the requirements of the Uniform Plumbing Code.

Easily and quickly installed Basins are self-rimming for use in tile, wood, laminate or stone counter tops, and are easily installed with an adhesive caulking.

Durable Chip, scratch and crack resistant, and backed by a guarantee should they chip, crack or break within one year after installation.

Easy to maintain Can be cleaned easily with a sponge and standard cleaners. For glossy finishes we recommend a liquid cleaner.